Essay Topics on Economic History

time and historyEconomic history is a vast and complicated discipline; and it is only natural that when you get an opportunity to choose a topic to write an essay on you may feel overwhelmed. It is a common misconception that freedom of choice makes such job easier; it doesn’t. It certainly makes the things much more interesting, but there is something deeply comforting about having a topic defined for you.

When choosing a topic for your essay, you can make use of the dubious nature of the discipline itself. After all, neither historians nor economists have a very clear idea of what, when all is said and done, economic history is (at least they tend to offer extensive explanations with numerous minute details, contradicting and opposing each other more often than not). What is economic history? The study of how economies performed in the past? The study of economic aspects of past societies? The history of the ways resources, labor and capital tended to be used? Take your pick, research the matter, offer your own opinion – write an essay.

Or you may take a diametrically opposite approach, and instead of generalizing your topic narrow it down as much as possible. Take some historical event or phenomenon and study in which ways it influenced local and global economy. Let’s for example, take slavery in America – it alone offers dozens of possible takes and approaches. What were the economic reasons for slavery? In what ways did the influx of African slaves impact American economy? How did the resulting Atlantic triangular trade influence the global economy? What lead to the abolition of slavery – purely altruistic motives or was it based on changing economic situation? What were the economic results of abolition of slavery? It is just a tip of just one iceberg, showing that virtually anything in history is at least partially caused by economic reasons or has long-lasting economic implications.

Another approach worth mentioning is a study of the history of a particular phenomenon throughout the entirety of its existence. For example, child labor in industrial era – you may study the economic reasons for its emergence, in what forms it existed, when and why it was prohibited.

For those who like to analyze and draw conclusions there is always the parallel approach – study an event or phenomenon in economic history and draw parallels with something that happens in the world now. For example, if you don’t shy away from controversial topics, you may compare modern war on drugs with Prohibition and its results. Both of them set the goal of eliminating or at least curtailing some kind of activity, and both seem to show little to no intended effect, instead creating fertile ground for criminal organizations – perhaps some conclusions are in order?

The fact that economic history is grounded in the past opens up an enormous venue for research, experimentation and creativity (however weird the word ‘creativity’ may sound in the same sentence with ‘economic history’). Just try to avoid the most commonplace and trite topics that spring to mind, and you will find what you need.

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Writing an Economic Case Study: Hidden Reefs

calculatorThe use of case studies is an extremely important tool in modern education, and especially so in economics, due to the reactive nature of the discipline. However, in order for a case study to be effective, it has to be carefully written and checked for inconsistencies – it won’t do if due to some oversight on the part of the author students will concentrate their attention on an insignificant detail that has no pertinence to the problem in question. Let’s take a look at usual mistakes done when writing an economic case study.

1. Mixing up Different Approaches

There are two basic approaches to case study structuring: the problem-oriented and the analytical one. In problem-oriented case studies students are supposed to take a look at the situation, identify the most important problems and suggest solutions to them (or, alternatively, the problems are already presented). In analytical ones, students are presented with a situation and told what has happened, and their task is to analyze it and understand what exactly has happened and why, without any references to problems and/or solutions. Quite often case study authors don’t draw a clearly defined line between these two approaches, which results in confusion and decreased performance.

2. Insufficient Research

Writing a case study is a much more complicated task than one may think after simply reading them. It requires a great deal of research, solid knowledge of theory and, what is probably the most daunting, interviewing real people. It is important – you don’t simply invent a situation illustrating some aspect of a theory. You have to carefully investigate a situation, read as much on it as possible, define which people who have something to do with a situation you need to interview, prepare lists of questions and organize the whole thing. It may sound intimidating, but it is the only way to write a real case study.

3. Founding a Case Study on a Shaky Premise

Make sure there is material for a case study in the situation you are looking at: either an interesting problem or a situation illustrating an important point. Don’t twist it so that it fits your premise, better find another situation, worthy of a study.

4. Recycling Old Studies

Studying older case studies is alright if you try to learn how to do it or investigate a similar situation; writing a new case study based on the old information from a case study done by somebody else is… not such a good idea.

5. Information Presented Inconsistently

One of the most common mistakes of case study writers is inconsistent and mixed-up order of presenting information. It is best not to invent anything fancy and simply do it chronologically. If there are some statistics and graphs illustrating the described situation, they should come last.

These are the most basic mistakes there are; if you avoid them you will already drastically increase your chances of writing a high-quality case study. However, only continuous practice and study of mistakes made by other people can bring your real mastery of the subject.

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Essay Writing-Some Helpful Tips

Do you get lesser marks in essays? Are you looking for some helpful tips which can help you in improving your essay or paper writing skills? This article is primarily going to discuss some useful information regarding writing perfect and outstanding essays and papers of economics.

Essays are not simply about writing on a particular subject only. They incorporate writing some accurate and required information in a limited jumble of words. Here are some valuable tips which can help you in writing essays perfectly:

  • If you are required to write an economics paper, then you have to collect some most relevant information regarding your topic. It would be great if you select the most up to date and recent topic for writing your economics paper. It will definitely add a lot of value to it, as people always want to know more about the growing economy of a country.
  • In addition, the data must be complete enough to run econometric models. It will help you in obtaining the most accurate results right according to the working situation of an economy. Try to collect as much data as possible, as more will be the degree of freedom, more accurate will be the results.
  • In the essays of economics, no as such value is given to the word limit. If the results of econometric models are deduced correctly in a short form; if they are clear, accurate and understandable, then no marks are being given to the word limit. Therefore, always try incorporating the right data, right information and conclude your results in an understandable way.

The aforementioned tips can definitely help you out in learning more about writing essays. You are definitely going to observe obvious changes in your teacher’s feedback if you will follow these important tips.

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How can you write the best economics essay questions?

How to write the best economics essay questions for an economics exam is the toughest task for the students of economics as well as finance. The point is, how can you get lots of information synthesized along with ready for an economic growth essay that you’re supposed to write in a short period of time that will convince the professional examiner to give the highest grade?

There are some major techniques for writing a superb, solid essay economics that can amaze your examiner within an economics examination.

  • Initially, always have the topic sentence, which makes a solid argument. Such as, tariffs are bad or not best for the economy – this is a subject sentence and this makes an argument. Also have an argument within an Economics exam for every single paragraph.
  • Secondly, substantiate your claim which you made by carrying out a couple of things – either you explicate and give details or you draw the diagram, and after that explain this. Why do you have to do that? It is very clear that nobody will believe you in case, you just tell them that the tariffs are not good – you should prove what you are saying. In economics, the most important ways are actually verbal explanation, as well as mathematical and diagrammatic expression. Consequently do this. Diagrams are best as this is Economics! Such as, draw small country cases to demonstrate that there is a deadweight loss because of tariffs being enforced on foreign goods.
  • Thirdly, give the relevant real life instance. Explain the example as well. Examiners want to look at in case you understand what you are discussing and also could apply the knowledge, which you have to real life context. This is not any use just drawing some diagrams and after that leaving this as it. Talk about ISI within Latin America within those dark ages associated with little international trade.
  • Finally, you have to conclude along with wrap up your discussion and argument – and additionally, link this to the query. That is so vital however ignored often by college students – linking again to the question.

Finally, do all this so that you can get number one grade in your economics essay questions for examination. For a better comprehension about how to write the best essay economics, you should go to the websites for getting more about the economics essays. 

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Economics essay questions

Writing the perfect answers to the economics essay questions is surely a difficult task. The economic  essay must be written in such a way that it has a good introduction, body and a conclusion. When you are presenting the answers for the economics essay questions, enough care needs to be taken to answer the questions appropriately. Though you need not jump to the actual point in the initial paragraph, the entire message that needs to be conveyed through the article must be presented in the first few lines.

Writing essays might seem to be a simple task. Anyone can write an essay on a given topic. But the relevance of information in the body of the essay to the actual topic is important. Even though you might use a flowery language, if the essay is not written to the point and if it is not presented in the right style and tone, it will get rejected in most of the web sites. If you are writing essays for completing business courses, then definitions must surely be incorporated. Proper quotations can also be used at the correct places. Economic text books have to be read with more interest to derive more points. The total time that has been allocated for each of the essays must also be kept in mind.

If you are clear about the target audience of the essay, then half the job is done. You also need to keep an open mind about the topic and need to discuss each and every aspect in detail. If you refer to the daily press that features economic news column, you will be gaining more valuable data that can be used in the essays. Some of the economic topics can be written with an open ended answer or it can even be started with a relevant question to the reader.

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How to write economics papers?

If one wants to write an excellent economics paper, one needs to have perfect skills and knowledge regarding the undergoing economic issue. This article is going to help you out in getting to know about some valuable economics essay writing tips.

Some important tips:

  • The economics paper usually consists of four main parts; introduction, literature review, data and methodology and results & conclusion. If all these four aspects are present in the paper, then it is considered a complete research paper.
  • First of all, you have to find a research topic. The topic can be new or you can also modify the work of some other writer by using different methodology.
  • Hypothesis must be clearly stated in the paper so as to define the main theme and reason of the entire research.
  • In order to analyze economic scenario, one must have complete information of the topic of study. If he will know the facts and figures, he will easily create a very good research paper of economics.
  • Modelling is a very important aspect of the economic crisis essays. If modelling is not done properly, then the results might go wrong, and conclusion might not coordinate with the entire work. So, in order to get the desired results, you must create an accurate model, incorporating independent and dependent variables in it.
  • Draw conclusions in the form of acceptance or rejection of hypothesis. This will make it easy for the reader to know the conclusion of the entire analysis.

All in all, writing excellent economic crisis essays require adequate writing and research skills. One would definitely create an effective piece of writing by using all the above mentioned tips. So, if you are looking for some efficient economic essay writing tips, then this article will greatly help you out.

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Secrets to Writing Good Economic Systems Essay

In examination, one of the difficult tasks is to write essays on economics or finance topics. The thing that matters is the amount of information so that a student can be able to debate on the economic systems essay. If a student has sufficient and authentic knowledge that he/she can debate on it- will definitely yield high grades for him/her. So in the following article, you are going to know about few secrets through which you can be able to write according to the requirements of essays economics topics.

  • First of all, make such an argument sentence which describes the idea of your essay. You can get help from free economic essays to fulfill this requirement. Like, tariffs are dangerous for the country’s economy. This is the sentence on which the base of your essay lies. Give numbers of points and key features that describe your idea in each paragraph.
  • Next, validate your argue that you can do by two ways- first by explaining or by drawing a figure, and then its explanation.
  • You will think that why you are supposed to do so? Well, it is clear that if you directly tell them that tariff is bad, no one believe you, so you need to prove your thoughts. Free economic essays might help you to do this.
  • Give real examples to authenticate your point. Examiners will always check you that do you have knowledge about what you are writing and do you have the abilities to apply them. Talk about different factors that can create tariffs and can be a danger for the economy.
  • In the last, conclude your arguments- link them to the questions. This is very necessary but most of the students ignore this point.

You can have better knowledge of these points if you consult with the economics specialists. Also, free essays economics can be useful to have better understanding in this regard.

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Economics Essays Online

Essays on economics require an in-depth research and analysis of the various economic theories and laws and its consequent application to real life markets. A simple research paper investigating the relationship between demand and supply of steel or the cross demand and supply between washing machines and determines, requires a great deal of ordeal on your part and is sure to keep the average student up all night. Advanced level economics studies delve into financial economics, market analysis, processing complex taxation rules by the government and sometimes even studies of the various recessions that have hit the world economies. If you believe that economics essays are not your forte and would rather focus on other aspects of your academics, then we have the right alternative for you. You can buy essays online written by professionals who have years of experience economics studies.

With custom written essays, you won’t have to worry about plagiarism, bibliography and referencing. Writing an economics essay doesn’t have to be the most stressful piece of academic work you have written. By buying essays online, you rid yourself of the burden of having to focus on one of the most research intensive subjects known to mankind and in retrospect will let you focus on other aspects of your studies that you think could use more of your time. All the aspects of writing an economics essay that include, reviewing economic articles, brainstorming, solving complex economics equations and formulas, can be left to the professionals to deal with. You are thus guaranteed top quality economics essays without the hassle of going through the painstaking process of writing a well researched, professional essay. Essays on economics need not be the source of your worries if you choose our service and buy essays online from us.

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How to Write an Essay on Economic Topic

Economics may be a difficult discipline to write on, even for diligent and experienced students who seemingly know everything about this subject. In order to write a good essay you, in addition to knowing the topic, have to be aware of certain principles and conventions used in texts on economics.

First of all, there is no place for speculation in economics articles. Everything you write should be based on traceable facts, you should indicate the sources you get the information from and check whether these sources are really trustworthy.

Don’t forget, however, that economics isn’t an exact science – a lot of things and processes in it are still unclear – otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many conflicting schools of thought concerning how this or that economic process works. Thus, in your essay you should combine these two ideas: the reliance of facts on the one hand and the understanding that economics is not entirely about formulas and numbers. It is especially important if you write for economics essay contest – in this case even the mildest mistake may render your essay useless.

In addition to this, don’t think that if you are writing an essay on economic topic it means that you can forget about stylistics. The way you structure the text is still important, and the major rules of essay writing are still effective when it comes to economics. Introduction, main content, conclusion, examples, quotations – it is all the same no matter what subject you are dealing with, so all the rules you know are perfectly applicable to this case.

When you use economics articles to base your essay on, be sure to quote them correctly, using the format offered by your teacher or professor. Although it may seem unimportant, academic community is very particular about formatting rules.

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How to Find a Good Economic Essay Sample

People need essay samples for all kinds of purposes. And while it may not be the best idea to try and hand the sample in as your own work, it may turn out to be very useful if you use it in the role it is supposed to be used: as an example for your own work.

Although different economics essay topics, quite naturally, require different approaches, some traits are shared by all the texts written on this subject, and you may write your own essay along the same lines the sample is written.

There arises another question: where you are supposed to find a good economic essay sample to base your own text on? Although the Internet is rife with all kinds of repositories and databases where one can find all kinds of texts on all kinds of subjects, it doesn’t mean that you can choose any of them and use as the basis for your own writing.

It may be a good idea to ask around and try to find people who have actually used the texts taken from this or that repository. It is recommended by someone you trust, it is much more likely that the text you get there will be of good quality as well, no matter what economic topics for essays you are interested in.

Try to find theoretical recommendations on how to write your kind of essay and compare the sample you are going to use with these instructions. If it is written according to them, there is a good chance that the author knew what he was doing.

In other words, use your head and don’t trust everything you find on the Internet, and you will be perfectly able to write on any economics essay topics.

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