How to Write an Essay on Economic Topic

Economics may be a difficult discipline to write on, even for diligent and experienced students who seemingly know everything about this subject. In order to write a good essay you, in addition to knowing the topic, have to be aware of certain principles and conventions used in texts on economics.

First of all, there is no place for speculation in economics articles. Everything you write should be based on traceable facts, you should indicate the sources you get the information from and check whether these sources are really trustworthy.

Don’t forget, however, that economics isn’t an exact science – a lot of things and processes in it are still unclear – otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many conflicting schools of thought concerning how this or that economic process works. Thus, in your essay you should combine these two ideas: the reliance of facts on the one hand and the understanding that economics is not entirely about formulas and numbers. It is especially important if you write for economics essay contest – in this case even the mildest mistake may render your essay useless.

In addition to this, don’t think that if you are writing an essay on economic topic it means that you can forget about stylistics. The way you structure the text is still important, and the major rules of essay writing are still effective when it comes to economics. Introduction, main content, conclusion, examples, quotations – it is all the same no matter what subject you are dealing with, so all the rules you know are perfectly applicable to this case.

When you use economics articles to base your essay on, be sure to quote them correctly, using the format offered by your teacher or professor. Although it may seem unimportant, academic community is very particular about formatting rules.

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