How to Write Briefly and Accurately on Economics

macbook pro keyboardA lot of students may be asking themselves, “In what way is writing related to economics?” Well, in many different ways actually. You will be surprised, but economists tend to write more than any other analysts. Although these experts seem to be involved deeply in math or solving problem sets, the fact is that any sort of economic research should be written down sooner or later. In addition to requiring a lot of time, working on economics requires the author to write both accurately and briefly.

The Simpler the Better

The majority of college and university students is absolutely sure they have to make the economics papers impressive. But the truth is exactly the opposite. The less math you provide, the better for your project. The simpler the estimation technique applied, the better. Avoid using passive tense; replace it with the active one. That’s how good writers do.

Use Comments Unrelated to Economics Correctly

Any non-economics comments should be inserted into the first paragraph and the conclusive section of the project. For example, if your results include some remarkable political implications, make sure to include them into the opening paragraph or get back to them in the conclusive segment. Unless they’re actually an essential part of the model, make sure to leave these comments out of the papers body. Students tend to include too many details rather than little and that’s wrong.

Cut, Cut, Cut

In order to write accurately on economics, remember that repetition is a taboo. Moreover, it is absolutely boring. Got that? It is boring! Cut it once, cut it twice. Then make sure to cut it again.

Keep Your Sentences As Short As Possible

When writing on economics, mind that your readers are not going to read every single word you produce. What is more, they tend to quickly pass from the subject directly to the verb. It means that you have to structure your economics paper sentences so that they include simple sentences.

Start Paper Sentences with “Old” Info

Accurate writing on economics is the writing that flows. And the most useful recommendation on how to create flow is the following: make use of the technique called “conduplicatio”. In other words, you have to start sentences with already known information. When the question is about the old information, it includes phrases, names, words and related elements that your readers have already been faced with. It is information that links them back to something you’ve already mentioned.

No Need to Generalize

It doesn’t matter if you’re assigned with the economics or French literature essay. In both cases you will have to handle the temptation to broaden the scope of the project. But the reality is that one should only address a narrow economics research question.

Learning to write accurately takes practice and commitment. Make sure to read economics projects of the other authors in order to see how they are arranged and what kind of information they include.

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