How to Write an Introduction for Assignment

Nobody will argue that most types of university assignments have to include an introduction part. As a result, the question how to write an introduction for assignment arises regularly on a weekly basis. One should pay special attention to this part of the paper due to its dual task of introducing the topic of the assignment and making the reader engaged in it. In fact, the knowledge of how to write an introduction for assignment involves the purpose of introductions, its structure rules, and the guideline in a thesis statement development.


The Purpose

To begin with, one may distinguish three main objectives for a university assignment introduction. First and foremost, an introduction has to present the context of the issue. The latter will assist the reader in observing all the relevant information to the topic and demonstrate how deeply the writer understood the purpose of the assignment. Secondly, an introduction also aims at giving a direct response to the assignment question in a thesis statement. It comprises the main part of an introduction, as it illustrates the viewpoint that the writer will support throughout the rest of the paper. Finally, the third objective includes the observation of the structure and organization of the work. Reviewing the structure, it is unnecessary to provide a hefty amount of the details but just its key points.

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