Sample Essay: Mark Zuckerberg Working on Free Internet

richest person on earthAccording to the information provided by the famous Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the mobile web is about to face the exciting future. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Zuckerberg was excited to announce that Facebook is getting ready to set up partnership with 3-5 significant wireless carriers to provide essential and absolutely free phone access to every individual all over the globe – with the direct emphasis on the developing nations.

At the present moment, only about one billion people around the world have mobile phones. At the same time, up to 80% of the rest of earth’s population lives within the places that have either 2G or 3G mobile web access, the Facebook CEO informs.

The problem lies in the fact that those individuals, who haven’t accessed the internet at all, haven’t the slightest idea of how useful it may actually be! Besides, they can’t afford the thousands of American dollars that it costs in the country (and the Europe as well!) to maintain a telephone together with the most suitable data plan. However, they have got two or three bucks needed to pay for the Facebook and messages basic access.

With an assortment of wireless carriers, Facebook is planning to invest in the basic phone access for every human being. The plans are an essential part of Mark’s clear vision for, a straight initiative to provide a direct internet access to all people on the earth. The main aim is to provide every person with the basic data services, such as Facebook, weather information access, as well as search – everything free of charge!

In the countries, such as Paraguay or Philippines, Facebook has already successfully assured a partnership with the mobile carriers to make Facebook completely free for every person with the telephone in a pocket. The next step of the grandiose campaign is to expand the Facebook open access to the free basic web services access. The whole idea is about letting everyone know how the internet can quickly help change one’s life!

As for the first free connectivity that will be provided in a little while will be the text data that is quite cheap to deliver. And when users will finally get an idea of the video and streaming usefulness, the carriers will be there to provide quick one-click plans.

To make the long story short, the long-term aim of the campaign is to connect people from all over the globe. And even through the brilliant minds that stand behind the initiative will be losing money for a while at the start, the reason why Zuckerberg started Facebook was exactly the same.


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How to Write an Essay in English

Writing essays is an integral part of the education process in various learning institutions. It is a valuable exercise for advancing one’s writing skills and creative thinking. However, it may also become a challenge, in case the writer is not a native English speaker. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of several basic universal techniques that cover how to write an essay in English. At first sight, such type of work may seem to demand extraordinary experience. Nonetheless, it will promote the way to state one’s opinion on the particular subject. Moreover, knowing how to write an essay in English will certainly contribute a lot to the practical usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling .

free writing

There are various topics to be covered when it comes to the essay, therefore, one has either to be an expert in that particular field or, at least, know about the fundamental points to write about in their texts. For that reason, it is preferable to search for an appropriate informational background and make one’s statement clear and thought-through.

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Essay Sample: Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg Clean Energy Coalition

windmillsMark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have announced the launch of a new grandiose initiative. The key aim of the Gates-Zuckerberg coalition is to encourage private sector investments in the area of clean energy. From the Zuckerberg’s side, the launch of the coalition now known as the ‘Breakthrough Energy Coalition’ was announced on the official Facebook page ahead of the COP21 climate change conference that took place in the capital of France, where global leaders were discussing all possible agreements regarding the limiting of temperature rise. Together with his spouse, Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg is launching the campaign in coalition with Bill Gates. As for the other members of the organization, they are the founder of Virgin Richard Branson, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the executive chairman of Alibaba Jack Ma.

In addition to that, Bill Gates is also expected to join the USA leader Barack Obama in announcing the launch of a special clean energy program in Paris. The program called ‘Mission Innovation’ is created with the main aim – to double all public investments in the sector of energy research – from the level of $10 billion to $20 billion. According to the information provided by The Washington Post, nineteen governments have already agreed to sign to the program mentioned above with China and United States among other.

According to the words of the coalition leaders, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition is going to collaborate with countries that are nowadays participating in the Mission Innovation in order to encourage grandiose funding commitments for both basic and applied research. As said by the experts of the official web site, the coalition is going to also forward its funds to the early stage businesses that can boast of having the potential of an excellent energy future that generates next to zero carbon emissions, as well as provides every person with reliable and affordable energy. It’s necessary to point out that no funding totals have been revealed.

In one of the Facebook posts, Mark Zuckerberg has written that solving a range of problems with the clean energy is crucial to build the world that will be a better place for every individual. Besides, he also added that it is completely impossible to make significant progress and deal with any sort of challenges – like connecting or educating the global community – without a stable climate and reliable and safe energy. At the same time, the leaders of the breakthrough Energy Coalition inform that the progress within a sustainable energy system field is pretty slow at the moment. For that reason, it is important to re-build the current system in order to make it encourage the required innovations that will get us into a better and brighter future.


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Bitcoin Essay Sample

bitcoinYou have definitely heard a lot about Bitcoin. But…what is it all about? To cut it, Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency at the moment. The whole point is that the user is provided with an opportunity to use Bitcoin in order to pay for stuff without the necessity to approach a third-party broker. To make it simple, make sure to think about it like one huge ledger that is being shared by many users to complete many procedures: when one pays for something, or gets paid, the transaction is recorded directly on this very ledger. Then, the computers start competing to confirm the transaction though dealing with a range of math equations, and the winner gets the desired Bitcoins. That’s what the field experts call the ‘mining’. But there is no need to get too excited since only the computer powerhouses can get the Bitcoins that way.

So, what’s the idea? The digital currency made its debut in 2009, when the financial crisis broke out. The idea behind it was to deprive the central bankers and governments from power to control currency flow.

As for the creators of the Bitcoin reference and protocol software, an individual or a group of them known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ stand behind it. However, there are still bitter debates over who actually was the inventor. While some sources insist on the personality of 64-year-old Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto from LA, the others claim the man denied all sorts of facts regarding him being related to Bitcoin issues.

To start using Bitcoins, the user is supposed to install the ‘Bitcoin wallet’ app on the PC or telephone. Then, he or she can do the so-called ‘Bitcoin exchange.’
Using digital currency is possible in a few places such as the dating web site OkCupid or the Sacramento Kings. Zynga and are at the testing stage with the Bitcoin. Besides, the Winklevoss twins preferred Bitcoin to purchase tickets for the Richard Branson’s rocket ride.

What is so cool about Bitcoin, you may ask. It’s better to probably approach supporters to get the desired information. First of all, they will tell you the currency is a great option for the small businesses. Thing is, the stores are required to pay a specific fee to the card industry the very moment a client swipes a debit or credit card in order to cover the transaction processing cost. However, the fees like that tend to shrink when the clients use Bitcoin for the reason that the transactions are being processed by the competing computers.

The other idea comes from the fact that Bitcoin can be used by online users in developing countries, who do not have bank accounts, but use cellophanes instead. Or, as the founder of Bitcoin Investment Trust Barry Silbert said, those users, who live in the countries, where official currency tends to plunge, might consider Bitcoin as the gift from heaven. To add more, Bitcoin payments happen to be anonymous, which is a great advantage for the individuals, who care about confidentiality.

No one can really tell how the Bitcoin can be regulated, or who should be entitled to do that. But the truth is once a range of heavy regulations are imposed Bitcoin won’t be Bitcoin anymore.


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