How to Build an Economic Model: Advanced Learner Guide

 exam stressMany of college works in economics require building theoretical models needed to practice this discipline. There are some useful ways regarding how to build economic model that ease the process that in reality is quite chaotic.

Gather Good Ideas

That’s the point to start with. Make sure to search for your ideas outside the college books, papers and journals! Instead, pitch them in magazines, radio and TV programs, in conversations and newspapers. When you’re looking through the papers, pick the articles about economics. When it comes to the magazines, they always go deeper into various economic issues. Conversations are in turn always fruitful, in particular with the individuals engaged in business.
Before you start working on your idea, make sure to stop asking whether it is interesting for your reader. In case it is not attractive, people won’t care whether it’s appropriate and correct. So, ensure to try it out on your pals or parents. Find out whether they think it’s worth researching.

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