Sample Essay on the Back to School Shopping: Do NOT Let It Hit You in the Pocket

foreign piggy bankAlong with autumn, when it is time to go back to colleges and universities, students face one more issue – expenses. They have to spend a lot of money on educational goods. If you want to cover this particular problem in your paper, look through this sample to get some ideas of what to talk about.

Besides the winter holiday season, August is the most expensive time of year as parents and students hit the malls for new clothes and school supplies. The average American family spends approximately $600 on back-to-school shopping. For college students, the figure adds up to even more because of the cost of textbooks and dorm room essentials. But there are a few tricks that budget-savvy college students can employ to keep this expense from derailing their finances.

One thing college students can do to reduce costs is to begin their shopping in a place where all the items are free: their own homes. By taking an inventory of household items, notebooks, pens, and pencils, they often find they don’t need to purchase as many items as they thought. They can also benefit from doing a thorough cleanout of their closets and donating clothing that they no longer wear. In the process, they may often find that a good amount of their clothing can still be worn, further reducing the amount they need to budget for new purchases.

Additionally, students should not dismiss the savings available by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. These places offer gently used items such as rugs, lamps, and clothing at deep discounts. It may take some time and efforts to dig out useful or attractive items in such places, but it’s well worth it. It’s even possible to find some rare treasures to give the wardrobe or dorm décor a unique touch.

Another great place to find bargains on school and dorm supplies is at discount stores like Family Dollar, Big Lots, or Sam’s Club. Students who begin shopping at these stores early in summer and check in frequently can often find great deals, allowing them to save money on necessary items.

Possibly the best method of all for saving money on school supplies is simply to shop around and compare prices. Students can look for different bargains and do the math to see which ones will save them the most money. Apps like Google Shopping and Honey conveniently seek out the best deals on needed items. Some stores will even reduce their price if you find the same item at a cheaper price somewhere else.

The cost of back-to-school shopping may take many college students by surprise. But, it’s possible for students to purchase the items they need without breaking the bank.


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