How to Spot the Best Economics Essay Topics

Economics stands on the verge of exact sciences – on the one hand, most principles according to which economics works have already been established, on the other hand – there are numerous schools of thought, and each of them believes to hold the only truth about how the world should function. For a student it means that there are a lot of economics essay topics lying around. Here you’ll find a number of suggestions that may come in handy.

Adam Smith and his “Wealth of Nations”. This economics essay topic is a kind of classical one. Adam Smith’s famous work has been written more than 200 years ago and, as a matter of fact, served as the starting point of the economics as science. Why is it so important still? Why so old a text hasn’t lost its actuality till now? What can we learn from it?

Supply and demand – one can think about numerous essay topics in economics dealing with this one: what is supply and demand? Distortion of supply and demand in communist society. Supply and demand in natural economy and so on.

A large subgroup of economics essay topics is the ones that are connected with particular people who influenced the development of this science to this or that extent, not necessarily economists. The essay may be dedicated to a single person, or a group of them, or a certain school of economics thought (Mises, Keynes, Austrian School etc.)

Often essay topics on economics deal with description and comparison of different social orders and the way economics function in them. You may write on the development of modern capitalism, communist social and economic experiments, laissez-faire capitalism and its advantages and disadvantages and so on.

As you may see, it all lies on the surface – you only have to stretch your hand and take it.

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