Millennials Might Not End Up Living Alone After All

photoOur world has changed significantly. It is not like it was even sixty years ago. Especially when it comes to economy. People are used to think that the United States have quite a high level of living standards, especially comparing to Central and Easters European countries. Recent crises, collapses and ongoing conflicts have great impact on the economy, which is thought to be one of the strongest in the world and the modern generation, which is referred to as millennials is to face the changes. They, actually, already face them in their everyday life.

The problem is as follows – in last decades the level of well-being has dramatically decreased. Prices get higher up, while salaries tend to become lower. So it leads to housing costs. The housing costs are highest where the job market is the strongest and it is nearly universal with few exceptions like Houston. Sounds like a vicious circle. The point is that millennials tend to move from towns to cities. It causes the influx of workforce but it does not solve all other issues. The main problem for them is the lack of well-payed jobs and adequate salaries. According to a recent analysis millennials pay from 33 per cent up to 54 per cent of their income on rent. Of course the numbers co-relate with the state they live in, but in general they pay more than an average renter does. The solution is clear and simple – share the rent with someone to save money. By now it has become a trend to have a roomie. Such a decision has positive impact on income as, in average, it allows to save some thirteen per cent. In Miami the number is even higher – having a roommate lets you save up to nineteen per cent. All in all, it gives an opportunity to pay less than thirty per cent of income on rent, what is considered to be pretty adequate expense nowadays. Some time before thirty per cent was the maximum people were supposed to pay, while now the average is up to forty per cent, in some places like San Francisco it can even reach unbelievable numbers like seventy per cent.

One may actually ask: “why is accommodation so expensive?”. The answer is pretty clear – there is not enough free property to buy or at least to rent. It fosters competition on the market which, as the result, leads to higher prices. And the fact is that the situation is not going to change any time soon nor in the near future. Some people though consider such a situation to be positive as it helps to establish strong social bonds and close friendships. For other it is positive from the perspective of flexibility – when you rent a flat or an apartment you are not bound to one place and if there is a need you can easily pick up the stuff and move where-ever you want. At the same time conservative people seek opportunities to buy property rather than spend money on rent.


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What Does it Take to Become a Financial Writer?

digital marketingSince humanity had invented writing systems and especially book press, writing became a major part of social life. People, as information consumers, want to read interesting and relevant articles on different topics. During twentieth century and with the beginning of twenty first century the demand on writings has become even higher. On top of that, economic and finance issues are hot-button topics nowadays. But before delving into details of our financial writing guide, it would be nice to get the idea who financial writer actually is.

Who is financial writer?

As it is clear from the name – a financial writer is a person who writes on a number of topics concerned with finance and economics. It may include educational content, commentaries, news articles or even printed editions content. Nowadays, though, the most popular form of that type of writing is writing for web resources on freelance base. Although some well known online resources hire fulltime employees as well.


Now it is high time to move to describing essential background for being a financial writer. Usually financial writers are graduates with diplomas in economics or journalism. It is not necessary, of course, but having ground knowledge in those subjects gives you huge advantage as otherwise an enormous amount of work in self-education awaits you. It is impossible to write on a topic having mere understanding of it, after all. Further education, as for example master’s degree is not actually necessary, but again it would be better to earn one as usually well educated people with high degrees get more money for their work.


The skill set for a writer, no matter the subject, is usually the same. The most important one is critical thinking. As during their work writers operate with large amounts of information it is a must to be able to distinguish between true facts and fake. Then being a writer your style of leading through the article must be appealing, comprehensible and coherent. No one is eager to read a finance article written in a mind flow manner. As for specific FR skills a list can be very long but there are some which are considered to be of paramount importance:

  1. Analytical thinking
  2. Accounting techniques
  3. Modeling
  4. Forecasting

How to start

You should be prepared that likely there will be no employers eager to hire you without checking your writing skills. You can be also taken for a non-payed internship period. To avoid such cases you’d better have some already written articles to show your abilities. It is highly recommended to start during your studying at university to be ready to work just after graduation. You can even start with writing articles for a university newspaper or a community.

All in all, becoming a financial writer isn’t an easy thing to do. It is as complicated as any other trade but hopefully with this guide it will get a tiny bit easier for you. You should understand that working in such a sphere demands constant self-development and educations, you are to gain tons of experience before getting a job and even more after.

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The 5 Fundamental Types of Business Documents

marketingAll companies use different types of documents. It is actually impossible to run a business without any documentation. They are usually prepared and written by employees, though sometimes some specific types of documents require a profession from outside the stuff. So in this business documents guide we present to you the five main types of business documents:

  1. The most common one is Memorandum or just simply Memo. It can differ in shape and content significantly as there is no single structure and it can be used to convey various information. Usually it is handed-in between co-workers to communicate on business or work matters. With recent technological advancement memorandums are usually sent by e-mail, though when a case requires more privacy and security it can be done on paper in written form as it was common before. As a rule memos contain several paragraphs which are to inform a reader about the subject matter and of course identify the sender.
  2. Letters. Business letter is very similar to memoranda in form and purpose but there are significant differences. The main one which differentiates it from a memorandum is that it is used not for intraoffice communication but to contact with individuals from outside the office. Generally it involves customers, providers, applicants, freelance employees, officials and partners. Letters are drafted in block type with the left margin, except for the heading.
  3. Another important type is Report. Reports are written in a more formal way than memoranda or letters and contain larger amounts of information. This one deals with various things such as data, plans, figures. Reports tend to include different charts, images, statistics, poll results depending on the conveyed issue. It is not a rare case for to investors require financial reports to check the productivity. Some reports are done occasionally while other are periodic. Periodic reports use single unified structure for convenience.
  4. Transactional documents. As it is clear from the name, transactional documents are used for transacting business with partners or customers. As a rule TD are written in a very plain and straightforward manner to avoid any possible misunderstandings, but the structure may vary depending on the matter, for example if it is a transmission or an order. When a transactional document requires more professional attitude the company may ask their lawyer to draft it.
  5. The last type is Financial documents. This sort of documentation is held by accountants. The purpose is to count all the expenses and income to stay within the budged. It also deals with taxes, bills, payrolls, bank statements and income statements. Financial reports are issued by company owners to determine the financial productivity and identify weak spots in the business. They are also used to draft budget proposals by managers.

This business documents guide could have been way longer as there are still many different types and sorts of papers which didn’t make their way to the list above. But those listed there are the most common and used ones. Every employee working for a company will definitely deal with them often if not every day.

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6 Best Books on International Economics for Your Academic Papers

read bookWhen the question is about writing an academic paper, there are two essential elements every student must have in his/her kit to cope with the task. The very first one is related to the hooking topic that can be easily researched. As for the second one, it’s related to the books that can be used as a solid ground for the paper. The subject of international economics requires the author of the paper to collect and use only the most trusted sources. Some of the brightest are provided below.

A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World by Gregory Clark.

The author of the book makes an attempt to give the answers to the questions regarding why some parts of the world are that rich while the others are that poor. He sheds some light to the Industrial Revolution, as well as to the economic growth that came together with it. Together with his profound questions, Clark suggests that nowadays culture can explain the global poverty or wealth.

How the West Grew Rich by Nathan Rosenberg and L.E. Birdzell, Jr.

The book is simply perfect, especially when you’re reading it in pair with the one written by Clark. The whole point is that Rosenberg and his colleague Birdzell dispute the classy argument for the reasons of why Western Europe was the place, where Industrial Revolution was born.

Against the Tide: an Intellectual History of Free Trade by Douglas Irwin.

The book written by Irwin tells more of a history of economic thought than the history of the world. But the good thing is that it lets the reader know a truly outstanding story: in what way did the aspect of the free trade knock off the strategic trade theory and mercantilism?

Globalizing Capital:  A History of the International Monetary System by Barry Eichengreen.

The book is a great tool to be used as a starting point for those, who would like to understand the Bretton Woods II regime.

The Chastening by Paul

Paul Blustein works as a reporter for the Washington Post. In his book he tells the story of the Asian financial crisis and gives his version of what the reaction of the US Treasury Department experts was. Those of you, who would like to know more about the reasons of why the Pacific Rim began to hoard foreign exchange reserves, should ensure to get hold of this work by Blustein.

Globalization and History by Kevin O’Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson.

If you happened to be on the lookout for a detailed research on the way the 19th century of globalization went down, this book will help. When the majority of people argue that nowadays globalization is simply incomparable, open this work up and make sure to hit them with it.

International Economics is quite fascinating to study. By means of this amazing subject you have an opportunity to discover how international economies influence each other and are interrelated.

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Case Study on IT Outsourcing Company

outsourcingA great range of immediate benefits can be easily gained by the outsourcing IT services.  First of all, the matter concerns the IT costs control. The point is that fixed IT costs can be converted by means of outsourcing into variable costs. This in turn provides you with an opportunity to build your budget as effectively as possible. To cut the long story, you have to pay for what you make use of and only when you need it.

The other benefit of the IT outsourcing lies in the labor costs reduce. In other words, hiring and professionally guiding IT personnel can be pretty costly, while the temporary staff tends to fail to meet your demands. This is when IT outsourcing comes handy.  It enables you to concentrate all of your human resources exactly where you require them most.

Companies that outsource their IT needs will be provided with the whole scope of resources required to push the new projects right away. Dealing with the same project in-house may required more than weeks of time to find, hire and train the most suitable individuals. For the majority of implementations, reputed and trustworthy IT companies will bring extensive experience and efficiency in the field in the beginning saving both – funds and precious time.

IT outsourcing company will help one to stay focused on the core business targets. It’s a well-known thing that every business manager has limited resources, as well as lack of attention and time. Due to the professionalism level of IT outsourcing company representatives, you will never get distracted by the complex IT decisions.

Every representative of the business area knows that any investment in the field carries certain risks. Government regulations, techs, competition, markets – everything changes in a flash. By means of the outsourcing you don’t have to manage risks on your own. IT outsourcing company specialists are usually better at how to stay away from all possible risks within the field they’re qualified in.

Taking into account that the majority of small businesses nowadays have no opportunity to match the in-house support services that the range of larger corporations maintains with the help from the outsourcing experts, small companies have a chance to act pretty “big” through having a direct access to the similar techs, as well as knowledge that the larger organizations avail of.

IT outsourcing is directly related to the security and compliance aspects, specialists say.  By outsourcing a skilled and proficient Managers Service organization professional, who has a wide expertise at PCI Compliance standards, you can rest 100% assured that your business is completely minimizing the variety of possible risks that are associated with the numbers of the credit cards, client’s data maintaining, sensitive competitive information and so on.

It is good to know that IT outsourcing continues to break in the local and state organizations even despite the economic downturns that occur here and there. Besides, most of the government-based reforms are performed to increase the IT spending in the nearest future.

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How to Write a Good Case Study?

Writing a good Case study easily can be identified as one of the hardest puzzles that must be solved in any kind of situation. The first problem that one will experience whenever doing a case study easily is the aspect of finding the appropriate problem that needs to be solved. In any context the case must have adequate information for the purpose of getting the readers to understand the problem and conceptualize the ideas that follow that particular problem, then after, they must be able to know what steps and criteria that they must follow to solve such kind of problem. Whenever one writes a good Case study paper easily he or she must be able to engage the mind of the reader since it’s a continual process and the reader must get convinced that the problem has been solved.

Whenever writing case studies papers one must consider that the paper will not only involve description of information, thus a good case study must be able to align the mind of the reader to that of the case writer in that both individuals must be able to have the same direction of thinking. At any given time, you can buy case study paper written easily and it should not engage the mind of the reader in that he or she is too much confused about the problems that are being discussed, it must be enjoyable to read in that the writer must involves some aspects of controversy and ask the reader if he or she has ever been involved in such manner of thinking. In geography a good written case study paper will involve quite a heavy research in that the writer must be able to investigate information, analyze and interpret the data so that there is supportive evidence linked to the problem. A good written case study paper must be started with research and the methods used when the research is being done.

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