10 Key Tips to Handle Empirical Research Papers with Ease

writing with a penBeing a college or PhD student means that you have to deal with a great number of academic research papers, articles, and other writing. These types of assignments (especially the ones that are called empirical research papers) are usually very time-consuming and require a lot of efforts. The aim of such papers is to prove a certain hypothesis by the means of observation and experiment. In other words, you have to prove or disprove a statement by collecting evidence and data. The answer to an empirical question requires practical implementation of gained theoretical knowledge.

In order to facilitate the writing process and not to burn the midnight oil, here is a list of tips for you to follow when working on the empirical research assignment.

10 Tips to Write Perfect Empirical Research

  1. Study the Question
  2. Carefully investigate the question under discussion. Pay attention to all the details stated. Decide what kind of data you have to collect in order to complete the research.

  3. Define the Methodology of the Paper
  4. Think of the methods of investigation for your study. This type of paper enables you to use both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

  5. Structure the Paper
  6. Keep in mind that your paper should consist of the following parts:

    • introduction;
    • review of the literature;
    • description of implemented methods;
    • observation and experiment results;
    • discussion of the data;
    • conclusions;
    • list of references.

  7. Keep It Logical
  8. The empirical research aims to find an answer to a certain question. It follows that you have to provide a systematic, logical, and methodical investigation of the issue under discussion.

  9. Do Empirical Research
  10. The empirical research is impossible without observation: a scholar gathers information, data, and forms a hypothesis. Then, by using induction reasoning, you can formulate the hypothesis. Now, you can make some predictions by means of deduction reasoning. The next stage is testing of the predictions and their evaluation.

  11. Use Accurate Data
  12. As it was already stated, empirical research is a practical assignment that requires usage of up-to-date data and information. You cannot use approximate figures as your paper won’t have scientific importance.

  13. Make It Academic
  14. When writing a research paper, stick to the academic requirements provided by your teacher. Try to omit over-dramatic adjectives and filler words. Make your paper concise and keep it to the point.

  15. Make a Plan
  16. If you want to finish your paperwork before the deadline, you have to keep yourself organized. Make a plan that you can follow, so all the work is done according to the schedule.

  17. Results
  18. Once you get results of your investigation, try to present them by using charts, tables, etc. It will make your paper more interesting and catchy.

  19. Be Interested
  20. The success of your paper lies only in one thing – to what extent the topic of the investigation is interesting for you. If you’re passionate about the investigation, and it sets your brain to work, you’re going to succeed.

    Hope these tips will help you with empirical research writing. The assignment isn’t an easy one, but if you keep everything organized and put a lot of work to it, you’ll get the highest accolade from your scholars.

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20 Up-to-Date Topics for a Research Paper on Economics

linkedInIn a topic area as vast and complicated as Economics, determining a research paper thesis can be stressful. When given an assignment, the best place to start is brainstorming potential topics. Each new idea can open up a world of research and writing that can help inform your Economics paper.

The more popular the topic, the more likely you will be able to find a number of resources to cite in your piece. Moreover, you have to seek out those ‘hot’ topics in Economics that will interest you, your professor, and your peers. Luckily, institutions publish new research on both national and global economies every day. Making your paper relevant to both you and your readership will allow you to make your essay meaningful and impactful.

Your writing may contribute to a growing field of study, opening up new areas of focus and new connections. Brainstorming and discovering the perfect thesis topic will help kickstart your paper.

Here are 20 potential Economics essay topics that reflect modern concerns, with new research, contributed to these areas on a daily basis all over the world.

  1. The Welfare State: A Reevaluation Under New Politics
  2. The Origins and Transformation of Supply and Demand
  3. Keynesian Economic Methods and the Current Economic Crisis
  4. Cost Versus Benefits: An Analysis of Higher Education’s Financial Reality
  5. LGBT Consumers and Market Impacts
  6. Confronting the Scarcity Problem: The Global Economy and Our Needs
  7. The Global Origins and Outcomes of the 2008 Economic Recession
  8. Room for Environmental Protections in a Modern Economy
  9. The Effects of Poor Health on a Local Economy
  10. The European Union’s Approach to the Economic Crisis
  11. The Economic Implications of Global Warming
  12. China as a Global Economic Power: History and Modern Influence
  13. The Ties Between Government and Economic Growth
  14. The Internet’s Impact on the Global Economy: Research and Trends
  15. The Rising Tide of E-Commerce: A New Economic Role
  16. A Place for Renewable Energy in the Modern Economy
  17. Immigration Policy and Links to Economic Growth
  18. The National Minimum Wage: Economic Impact of $15 Minimum Wage
  19. Analyzing Student Loan Debt’s Impact on the Economy
  20. Terrorism’s Links With Economics: The War on Terror and Markets

All these titles are suggestions. If a certain topic area interests you, consider brainstorming a way to make it work that fits with your assignment’s criteria. Due to the topicality of these areas of economic research, a quick search will reveal a number of studies and findings in these topic areas.

Further brainstorming might reveal a niche that has yet to be discussed in more detail. There is also the chance you can make new and insightful connections. There are a lot of ways to be original within the topics listed above. Make your research more specific and tackle an economic problem that has yet to be thoroughly explored in a particular region or field.

If you have difficult times making up a topic as well as constructing an outline, consider stopping at your campus writing center for advice on your next steps.

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20 Tips for a Solid Economic Research Paper

calculator on a tableIf you happen to have troubles when it comes to writing grammatically correct, the very first thing you have to do is to provide yourself with some extra time and go contact your economics research paper instructor. Truly, clarity is the cornerstone in writing on economic research. Below you will find some hot tips on how to deal with economic research project and make it top notch.

Tip №1:

Keep the project as simple as possible. Do not think about your reader as if he or she is nothing but a blurred image in your subconscious. Consider your room- or classmate being the potential reader. Assume he/she has never dealt with the subject before. Would the classmate understand any piece of content you produce?

Tip №2:

To mere mortals, a hilarious anecdote or a graphic metaphor is a better illustration than a whole bunch of the most compelling articles in Econometrics. However…

Tip №3:

If you are faced with the doubt of whether it’s a good idea to include some non-economics material into the research paper, leave it for now. There’s a tendency among students to include too many unnecessary details, rather than too few.

Tip №4:

Remember, overly dramatic verbs and adjectives are a taboo. Don’t ask, just make sure to leave them out.

Tip №5:

The sentences in the economic research paper are short. Does this rule work for your project as well? No? Check it once again to make it monosyllabic.

Tip №6:

The economic research paper filled with repetitions is boring. Cut, cut and make sure to cut once again.

Tip №7:

Point out one central contribution of the project. Discuss it within one paragraph. Just like the whole research paper, it must be precise and concrete. Do not talk pointlessly about how you analyzed the information regarding the economic consequences of the HIV epidemic and found a lot of interesting results. Just say what those results are.

Tip №8:

Your readers value their precious time and most of them are impatient. No reader will ever agree to read the economic research paper from A to Z. They tend to skim. Make sure to make it easy for your target audience to skim.

Tip №9:

The introductive part of the economics research paper should start with what the author does in his project, his major contribution. The very moment you mention that, it’s time to include something hooking about it. This will motivate your readers to go on with whatever you’ve written.

Tip №10:

You have to provide detailed explanation of what your contribution is so that your audience understands the idea. There’s no need to just state it, ensure to give the facts that stand behind it.

Tip №11:

The abstracts of the economic research paper are typically short, about 150 words. Try not to exceed this word limit.

Tip №12:

Feel free to divide your project in two sections, i.e. – experiments and observation.

Tip №13:

The first step is the hardest no matter what the case is. Same happens, when one needs to write the first sentence of the research paper. There is no need to start with the philosophical issues. Economists use the sentences that are both – interesting on their own and related to the subject.

Tip №14:

Are you done with explaining your contribution? Now you can generate a short literature review. Mind that it should be presented in a separate section so that your reader can skip it.

Tip №15:

Depending on the complexity of the paper, making a literature review may include referencing to a single paper or reviewing a great bunch of related literature in a library. Making notes is a must. Then you will have a chance to read them over and organize your review.

Tip №16:

Appendices are awesome. Make sure to take that huge section with tons of comments on the used literature, all those exercises you did and dump them into the appendix.

Tip №17:

Do not make use of the footnotes for parenthetical comments. In case you need those, just provide them in the text. As a rule, parenthetical comments in footnotes mean that the author hasn’t organized his thoughts and ideas.

Tip №18:

Do not use adjectives in order to describe your paper. The word combinations like “highly significant” or “terrific results” are a taboo.

Tip №19:

What are the most significant results that you have? Ensure to briefly explain what you have found in the process of the research and what the main complications of it are.

Tip №20:

You won’t believe but the conclusive part of the economic research paper is not a must-have for the project of this kind. If you did a great job discussing your contribution in the intro, and then explaining that information in the project’s body, it’s considered pointless to repeat it once again.

Use these tips while writing your economic research paper because they are designed specially for you. We hope they’ll help you ace at producing a great essay and your professors will be impressed!

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First-rate Microeconomics Topics for Research Papers

microeconomics research topicsA lot of students sometimes find it hard to tell the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics. So, make sure you know one. To cut the long story short, the difference is that microeconomics is focused on supply and demand, as well as the markets where individuals buy or sell goods. If the task is to choose the right topic for the research paper in microeconomics, make sure to consider the ones discussed below.

Supply and Demand

It’s not a bad idea to talk about supply and demand, as well as how these issues influence the market prices. Besides, you can discuss how fluctuating markets can affect people. Describe various aspects that are related to the supply and demand matter, such as seasonal changes, the market of labour and manufacturing costs. These issues will help you to provide your reader with a clear overview of the current situation in the supply and demand segment.

Structures of the Market

It’s good to perform detailed research of various market structures, such as cartels, monopolies, oligopolies and many more. Talk about in what way they can influence the prices of various items. The topic is pretty popular since it gives you an opportunity to work with the latest statistical data in order to draw solid conclusions.

Labor Market

Research paper will definitely get some extra scores due to the wining topic. Discuss how labor market can affect supply and demand, talk about labor unions and how they influence the market. Research all possible effects of boycotts and strikes for the labor markets globally. The topic is quite simple to work on; however, it provides you with a clear view on the labor market changes and its causes that is useful information for you, as a potential job seeker.

Pricing Effect

Use your research paper to talk about how pricing affects purchasing trends of various individual households. Combine supply and demand, the labor market and the structure of the market and see how altogether they affect the pricing matter. Consider also the effects that advertising has on the number of people, who would like to pay for this or that item.

The World Banks

Ponder over the role of the banks within the market and in what manner the increasing debts and credits can affect the pricing, spending of any individual. Think about the students’ loan as well as how the global banks can manage them and in what way they can affect the spending of every individual.

Health Care

It is highly recommended to conduct a research on the impact that a lot of health care systems have on the households and individuals. The research paper project is a great chance for the author to ponder over the pros and cons of the health care systems that are controlled by the government, as well as the ones that are privatized. By means of your research, you have a chance to reveal some truly important problems in modern society in what is related to the health care segment.

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Essay Writing-Some Helpful Tips

Do you get lesser marks in essays? Are you looking for some helpful tips which can help you in improving your essay or paper writing skills? This article is primarily going to discuss some useful information regarding writing perfect and outstanding essays and papers of economics.

Essays are not simply about writing on a particular subject only. They incorporate writing some accurate and required information in a limited jumble of words. Here are some valuable tips which can help you in writing essays perfectly:

  • If you are required to write an economics paper, then you have to collect some most relevant information regarding your topic. It would be great if you select the most up to date and recent topic for writing your economics paper. It will definitely add a lot of value to it, as people always want to know more about the growing economy of a country.
  • In addition, the data must be complete enough to run econometric models. It will help you in obtaining the most accurate results right according to the working situation of an economy. Try to collect as much data as possible, as more will be the degree of freedom, more accurate will be the results.
  • In the essays of economics, no as such value is given to the word limit. If the results of econometric models are deduced correctly in a short form; if they are clear, accurate and understandable, then no marks are being given to the word limit. Therefore, always try incorporating the right data, right information and conclude your results in an understandable way.

The aforementioned tips can definitely help you out in learning more about writing essays. You are definitely going to observe obvious changes in your teacher’s feedback if you will follow these important tips.

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Finance Research Paper Topics – Know How to Choose the Topics!

Writing finance research paper topics are an unchangeable part of any education course. The main thing is that by the final step of a course you required to present an original paper which displays theoretical and practical skills. That’s why quality custom writing, finance journals and finance essays are very crucial part of such educational process. If you were provided the task to write a financial research might seems very easy and pleasant job for an experienced journalists or economists, but finance research paper topics can be a nightmare for beginners who’re lost in the diversity topics, ambiguity paper, then you might dace some difficulties with it. However, writing a finance research paper of forecasts students due to several reasons, such as: and complexity of statistics. Some time writing a Finance research paper seems challenging for experienced:

• Unavailability of information
• The indistinctness of the topic
• Time limits
• Too much arithmetical data to manage
• Too large quantity of information

The most complex step of writing the finance research paper is to choose an interesting, fresh and informative topic. However, there’re several custom thesis writing papers as well as PHD dissertations online that guide you how to write financial research paper topics. There are some topics mentioned below that you can choose to write financial papers.

• It isn’t a covert that finance is divided into different kinds. Personal finance is the 1st kind that you might reside upon in the financial research paper. There’re several programs which are pretend for the profits of personal financial planning.

• Corporate finance is the next kind that you may want to dedicate to your financial research paper. Here you must speak about different plans according to which a company’s finance may be planned.

• Credit policy is also another popular topic that you can choose for your financial research paper.

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Economic research papers

Academics as well as great scholars, having studied economic globalization, deregulation together with financial crisis concur that it is a process that creates extensive instability and vulnerability in the emergent markets and economies. Open integrated markets without rules have since been the dominant economic policy for the past few decades. The process of financial liberalization has not been as successful. Contributing factors include financial markets, global financial enterprises while states have been preoccupied by the much awaited results of the process during those passed decades and this is evidenced through the emergent economies. The gap exists between productive structural economic performance and traditional financial regimes that do not conform to economic globalization, oriented towards both financial stability as well as economic development.

It was inevitable that globalization was to be derailed by the global financial crisis because in itself, globalization is indeed a very dynamic process which has since yielded tremendous benefits. Poverty levels have since gone down in many countries despite economic crisis while business has been transformative. Traditionally, however, globalization is susceptible to terrible and expensive backlashes. It can be thought of as a cyclic phenomenon with repeated Historical instances; bearing dynamic and integrated global development that ended in eruptions of financial and economic crisis instability with consequential geopolitical disorder. Practical examples include French and British empires of the eighteenth century which came down as a result of military, social as well as financial chaos following the Napoleonic and French revolution wars and subsequently the later financial crisis following the Great Depression.

It suffices to note that every globalization upswing is propelled by technical advancement which more often than not leaps far much ahead while providing no time for political institutions and societies to adjust or put in place counter-mechanisms. According to Marxian economics, it is argued that financial transactions lie at the core of the manner in which people measure value, the collapse of financial globalization has resulted in extreme crisis of values.

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Economics extended essay topics

Economics today is an integral part of our lives; there is not a single person on this Earth that doesn’t encounter it in various aspects of his or her life every day. What does it mean? It means that there is no shortage for economic topics for essay, the only thing you have to do in order to find a good one is to keep your eyes open and look around carefully.

Have you ever read magazines on economics? The professional economics articles are not always concerned with the topics generally associated with this term, they rather often deal with much more mundane everyday problems and research their connections with the big picture, the world economic system. Why don’t you try the same approach? An economic globalization essay will not necessarily be better than something more specific; on the contrary, it will probably be almost the same as a number of works that have already been written irrespectively of the fact whether you have read them or not, for there is only so much you can write on any topic.

If, however, you look for economic topics for essays in less orthodox areas, you may strike a goldmine and write something genuinely interesting and original. For examples, changes in prices of this or that category of products you use to buy – what is the reason behind them? What could have led to such results? Could it have been predicted? Your possible topics are only limited by your own keenness of observation and creative thinking. Study serious economics articles written by professionals and study the way they work, find fascinating topics and process them in order to achieve the result.

And, of course, don’t try to invent topics out of the thin air, always work with something you are capable of writing something interesting on – otherwise better select globalization after all.

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How to Write Economic Crisis Essay: 10 Easy Steps!

In this article we offer 10 easy steps developed for easy writing economics essays. These tips will help you to learn that writing economics essays can be quite simple and even fun!

  1. Research.  First of all you have to conduct a thorough research on your topic in order to become an expert in your chosen field. Use an Internet connection, academic journals and books, visit the local library.
  2. Analysis. When you feel like you have a solid knowledge base, you have to analyze information you have gathered. Clearly develop the claims, write down the reasons and the evidence. Make sure you notes have logic.
  3. Braintorming. Ask yourself a bunch of questions related to the topic and provide an answer for them. Take a walk in a park and ponder over the topic you have chosen until you feel like an original idea has come up to your mind. Essay global economic crisis may seem quite a broad issue but the point is that every broad issue consists of the smaller ones you may notice all around.
  4. Thesis Statement. Take the best idea and arrange it into a clear statement so that the whole essay could be based on it. This is the main point of your work, which is sunned up in an understandable sentence. By means of the thesis statement your reader will be aware of where you are going and why. Remember, you will never generate a  top quality essay without a clear thesis statement especially if you’re going to take part in prestigious economics essay contest.
  5. Outline. Develop an outline before the essay writing. You may use sentences that include only one line to describe the essay paragraphs. Structure your essay to make sure every paragraph is unified.
  6. Introduction. Now it’s time to sit down and start working on the essay. In the introduction section you’ve an opportunity to hook your reader’s attention . The intro is the way you can bring your audience into the world of your project.
  7. The Body. If you use a standard 5-paragraph essay structure you may include 3 paragraphs. Every paragraph should be focused on one separate idea that serves as a supporting for your thesis. For instance, if you are writing an essay global economic crisis you may devote each paragraph to one single reason. Support what you write with solid evidence, facts and examples. Imagine that your reader is sitting right in front of you and speak to him as if he’s near you.
  8. Conclusion. Make a short wrap-up sentence to summarize the whole paper. You may end your essay on some interesting quotation or memorable thought. If you would like your reader to ponder over the global economics problems let him know what points he should pay his attention to.
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Tips on How to Proofread Economics Essay Writing the Easy Way

Usually it takes a lot of time to research the topic you are assigned with and put all your thoughts into logical order on the paper. Unfortunately, students forget that economics essay proofreading is not less important that the creation of it. To proofread economics essay writing properly, you have to devote much time for this task in order to get rid of all the mistakes that may occur in your paper. This article will teach you how to proofread economics essay writing in a proper manner.

When you begin to proofread economics essay writing, it is recommended to at first re-read your essay and then to highlight any errors you will find in it. Then you should go back to the beginning of the work and correct all the errors you have marked out.

Read economics essay one more time out loud to find out any mistakes in the writing style or words usage. Mark the places that should be corrected while reading. When you read the paper it is recommended to imagine like some intelligent person (professor or politician) is reading your paper and make sure the words you have chosen sound like you speak proper English. Ask your group mate or some friend who have good knowledge to read your paper. If you have someone to rely upon – proceed to the next paragraph. If there’s no one to help you, read paragraph # 5.

Provide your friend (professor, tutor etc.) with the copy of your economics essay so that he could read it and mark all the errors he detects. Thus, you will be able to fix them and rewrite. Retype your paper after the proofreading process is over.

Re-read the paper one more time but this time read it slowly and out loud. Thus, your ears will be able to catch the errors you couldn’t see. Don’t forget about proper English when you read the paper. Make sure you have paid due attention to the spelling errors and your paper is not overburden with unknown economics terms left without proper explanation.

Economics essay proofreading should be done several times. Only in such case your economics essay will be ready for the submission.

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