3 Cornerstones of Economic Literacy for students

livros estudoEconomic activity in the sphere of our life includes:

  • planning and organization of personal budget;
  • income and family expenses;
  • economically reasonable estimate of the goods, their rational use;
  • rational attitude towards our own health, lifestyle;
  • appropriate use of our free time;

Economic education should be implemented as early as in elementary school, as it’s during the early school years when foundation for future identity formation is made. Read the rest

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How to Handle Microeconomics Problems?

A bunch of students approach online Microeconomics helpers with the very same request solve my microeconomics problems, please”. Unfortunately, a lot of them get into the trap carefully set by online cheaters.

In order to save you from different kinds of swindlers, we have worked out a small list of basic recommendation for you to not fail with your “make my microeconomics task” request. First … Read the rest

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