Sample Essay on Economic Growth and Its Impact on Terrorism

Violent extremismTerrorism is one of the most serious global problems that threaten people’s lives and welfare. It’s important to raise the awareness of the issue and bring up the most significant connections. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in our sample essay. Read it and use the information for a greater cause.

According to the Institute for Economics & Peace and its 2015 research, the number of victims from terrorist attacks grew by almost 10 times during the period of 2000-2014. This is a shocking statistics leading to an assumption that much more serious and effective measures have to be initiated. However, before taking any action, it is necessary to dig into the nature of terrorism in order to find the most appropriate and efficient solution to the problem. In particular, it is significant to determine the connection between the terrorism and economic growth.

There is a 2015 study created by Seung-Whan Choi, the professor of the University of Illinois in Chicago. He used the information about the economic growth and terrorism to find the link between these two notions and discover new insights. And, he achieved both of the tasks.

Firstly, the professor divided the nature of the economic growth into industrial and agricultural because this detail impacts the terrorism activity as well as its type. Secondly, he linked the economic influence with 3 separate forms of terrorism – suicide attacks, international, and domestic. After taking into account these fairly fresh insights, Mr. Choi conducted a research and came up with very interesting and intriguing findings.

When the country is associated with the high industrial economic growth, the rate of the international and domestic terrorism decreases. However, in such a case scenario, the number of suicide attacks rises. In percentage correlation it looks like this – 1% industrial growth equals 1% digression of the international and domestic terrorism and 2% escalation of suicide terrorism.

Along with these discoveries, professor Choi found out that a proportionate economic growth and stability is not a solution to the terrorism issue. The assumption that providing people with better conditions and giving them the opportunity to participate in the economy of the state will reduce violence and attacks proved to be wrong in practice. In fact, it appeared that the more resources there are to defend the country, the higher the number of terrorism incidents the state experiences. It also emerged that the broadly assumed cause of the terrorist attacks such as the gap between the rich and poor doesn’t actually increase the rate of these violent episodes.

All in all, these study findings prove that there is a connection between the terrorism and economic growth, and it is not the one that the majority of scientists imagine it to be. The issue clearly requires further thorough research and more publicity.


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