6 Best Books on International Economics for Your Academic Papers

read bookWhen the question is about writing an academic paper, there are two essential elements every student must have in his/her kit to cope with the task. The very first one is related to the hooking topic that can be easily researched. As for the second one, it’s related to the books that can be used as a solid ground for the paper. The subject of international economics requires the author of the paper to collect and use only the most trusted sources. Some of the brightest are provided below.

A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World by Gregory Clark.

The author of the book makes an attempt to give the answers to the questions regarding why some parts of the world are that rich while the others are that poor. He sheds some light to the Industrial Revolution, as well as to the economic growth that came together with it. Together with his profound questions, Clark suggests that nowadays culture can explain the global poverty or wealth.

How the West Grew Rich by Nathan Rosenberg and L.E. Birdzell, Jr.

The book is simply perfect, especially when you’re reading it in pair with the one written by Clark. The whole point is that Rosenberg and his colleague Birdzell dispute the classy argument for the reasons of why Western Europe was the place, where Industrial Revolution was born.

Against the Tide: an Intellectual History of Free Trade by Douglas Irwin.

The book written by Irwin tells more of a history of economic thought than the history of the world. But the good thing is that it lets the reader know a truly outstanding story: in what way did the aspect of the free trade knock off the strategic trade theory and mercantilism?

Globalizing Capital:  A History of the International Monetary System by Barry Eichengreen.

The book is a great tool to be used as a starting point for those, who would like to understand the Bretton Woods II regime.

The Chastening by Paul

Paul Blustein works as a reporter for the Washington Post. In his book he tells the story of the Asian financial crisis and gives his version of what the reaction of the US Treasury Department experts was. Those of you, who would like to know more about the reasons of why the Pacific Rim began to hoard foreign exchange reserves, should ensure to get hold of this work by Blustein.

Globalization and History by Kevin O’Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson.

If you happened to be on the lookout for a detailed research on the way the 19th century of globalization went down, this book will help. When the majority of people argue that nowadays globalization is simply incomparable, open this work up and make sure to hit them with it.

International Economics is quite fascinating to study. By means of this amazing subject you have an opportunity to discover how international economies influence each other and are interrelated.

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