Economics Essay Style Guide

economics-essay-guideWhen writing on economics, make sure to stick to the core requirement – use the language that is understandable. Clarity of writing is the solid evidence of clarity in thinking. So, make sure to ponder over what you’re going to say, then say it in the simplest manner. Check the follow economics essay guide and learn more.

George Orwell offers a list of basic rules that can be applied even in the XXI century. First of all, Orwell recommends keeping away from using metaphors or any other sort of speech figures. If you see a short word will fit here or there, use it! The long one may spoil the scene. If it is possible to use active, never use passive – you’re on the right way. If you can easily choose an everyday English word, do so! A scientific phrase or a foreign word is not the best fit here.

Do Not Get Too Stuffy

When reading an economics essay, your readers appear to be interested in what you’ve got to say. If you want them to be hooked by your writing, never get stuffy. In order to write in plain English style, ensure to write as you or anyone you know would speak with ease.

Use Facts to Persuade Them

Readers do not like writers, who are either arrogant or hectoring. The point is that those people, who consider your viewpoints wrong are not necessarily silly or insane. People don’t like to be portrayed as stupid: use your analysis to prove issues. When you talk about your opinions – don’t just make assertions. Your goal is to tell your readers what you actually think and what is more important, persuade them! Using solid evidence, arguments and reasoning, you will find your way to success.

Do Make a Chat Room of Your Essay!

Being too chatty will turn your economics essay into a fiasco. That’s right, it is more irritating than explanatory. So, if you do not want your readers to throw your essay into the bin on the second paragraph, leave behind all the ‘ho, ho’ and ‘surprise, surprise’ stuff.

Exercise Brevity – It’s the Soul of Wit

Just like long sentences, long paragraphs can make the content pretty confusing. According to the successful essayists, the paragraph of the economics essay is a tiny unit of a particular thought. It’s not the matter of length. In other words, every paragraph you generate should be sequential in treatment. As for the paragraphs that comprise one sentence only, they should appear in your essay occasionally.

Don’t get too pleased with your work. It’s not a good idea to boast here and there of how smart you are by telling your target audience that you’ve got a scoop or that your predictions were 100% correct. This will definitely irritate them and any plans to impress them will eventually fail.

Economics essay is not the right project, where you can turn your didactic mode on. In case a lot of sentences start with the words like imagine, take, compare, prepare for, expect, note, remember or look at, your readers will get the feeling of reading a typical textbook. That’s not the best way to persuade your target audience to renew the subscriptions.

Regardless the audience you’re primarily writing for, they’re mostly interested in what you’re going to say. However, the style in which you present your viewpoints is your tool to encourage them either to keep on reading or just stop. If you want them to dive into reading, don’t forget what we’ve covered in our economics essay guide!

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