Sample Essay on How to Gain the Promotion at Work

officeJob promotion is one of the troublesome issues that people face. Why not cover this problem in your assignment? This article will help you make up a good idea for your own college paper.

Most people start at the bottom but it is rarely the end goal. Getting a promotion is the main goal of most people. Not only does it mean a bigger paycheck, it also comes with a higher level of respect and responsibility. You have all the qualifications but how do you make sure the promotion goes to you? Start with planning!

Plan to improve your skills. A new skill set will open doors so consider going to school for an additional degree (W., n.d.). Options for night school classes are astonishing and although it may take you a bit longer than being full-time, the benefits at the end will be more than worth it.

The saying “dress for success” should be taken literally. When an employee dresses well for work, it shows that they take pride in their job and have an exceptional level of professionalism (Maye, 2013). It may be only a little thing but it is often the little things that get noticed.

When the clock starts, it is time to get serious (Adenle, 2009). This does not mean you can’t crack a smile during the day or have fun. It means that you must be able to turn your attention to your tasks. Minor mistakes are often made due to lack of attention. Being laser-focused on the work you must complete will eliminate errors and improve consistency.

Promotions rarely just fall into someone’s lap. To be promoted, the right people need to be aware that you want to be promoted. Although companies usually promote internally, they also look at external resumes (Smith, 2013). Competitors coming for an interview will be at their very best so it is crucial you do the same. Most managers make it their business to ask employees where they see their career path heading. Don’t be afraid to state your goals, even if they didn’t ask you first (Hanson, n.d.). Managers will pay more attention to a promising self-starter than to the quiet, almost invisible employee who keeps to themselves in the corner. Aside from that, you have to give it your best effort.

To get what you want, you must work hard for it (Prolific Living Inc., 2014). Simply doing no more and no less than what is expected is not good enough. Get to work early every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes. Stay ten minutes late at night to finish that important task. Volunteer to take on projects other employees have turned down. Doing this shows perseverance and dedication. Finally, you need to be personable.

Most importantly, have a friendly and positive attitude that shines through to everyone you interact with (Hudson, n.d.). Challenge yourself to do better every single day. If you follow these suggestions and constantly improve on everything you do, your promotion is going to be right around the corner!


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