Qualities of a Good Economic Essay: What You Should Consider

pen on desktopWorking on an economic essay is hell, especially if you’re one of those students, who cannot boast of having excellent prose, leave behind the level of subject knowledge. You expect your paper score to be high, but unfortunately, you get C. What’s wrong with it? Did you miss something important? Knowing the basic qualities of a good economic essay will help you to produce the project that will be above all praise.

Let’s start with the common features that indicate a high quality economic essay.

  • A stunning economics essay includes a hooking introduction. This segment of the essay reflects the position that the author adopts in the paper. Mind that your position must be thoughtful and sensible, given in a convincing way. Make sure that every paragraph develops an argument in a certain order. Thus, by the end of the essay, your reader will be aware of what assessment you were trying to conduct.
  • A compelling economics essay involves working out the structure of the paper before the actual process of writing. Next, write down the structure of the argument that will logically guide your reader to the conclusive section and generate an outline. The outline is the so-called condensed version of your essay that throws light on what your argument depends on.
  • Clarity is a must-have for a winning economics essay. The logic of your paper should be clear to your audience. As a rule, economic reasoning is based on assumptions, and your task is to provide the key assumptions in your argument as clear as possible.
  • You will need more than just logic to prove your viewpoint is correct. Using solid evidence professionally is an essential part of any essay. It’s next to impossible to report a statistic and present it as the absolute truth. Think carefully about what evidence to use and make sure to use the one that is convincing.
  • An economics essay must have the following structure: its opening should hook the reader’s attention, before diving into the introduction and the issues that will be discussed in the paper. The following paragraphs will advance the argument. At the beginning of every paragraph of the essay body, the author should be able to clearly state where the argument is going and how this or that paragraph fits into the overall scheme of the essay. By the end of the economic essay, the reader should be 100% convinced to accept the point of the author

It’s hard to create a complete list of rules regarding how to write economic essays perfectly. However, learning how to write is a skill that one should work on for reasons obvious for each student.

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