How to Do an Effective Economics Research Paper

The aim of every student is to get a good grade in their final exams, research papers, assignments and term papers. Writing effective economics research papers is not an easy task; students need to be very keen if they want to excel in such papers. Economic is a broad topic and it encompasses almost everything in the society.

To do an effective economics research paper there are a few tips to follow. The first thing is to choose a suitable topic. A suitable topic is one which the student is comfortable with and can be able to do thorough research on it. There are many topics in economics; choose a topic that is not lengthy. From the topic create your thesis or argument. The second thing to do is to arrange your work. Research papers are quite long and without proper arrangement, most of the information and data is lost. Compile your work in a draft and from this draft make necessary changes to get your final copy. The research paper should have the following:

  • An abstract or an executive summary – it should contain a brief summary of the whole research paper.
  • Introduction – introduce the problem or the thesis in a few paragraphs
  • The main body (literature review) – it should contain a review of the same work done by other people.
  • Results – these are findings of your research
  • Conclusion – it will be based on your results and it should not repeat the whole research paper.
  • References.

The introduction and conclusion should be well written. Most instructors pay much attention to these two parts. The third thing on how to do effective economics research papers is to know the various writing styles used. Your work must be formatted according to the guidelines given by your instructor.

Writing an effective economics research paper is not a hard task if you follow the tips given.

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