Sample Essay on the Present State of Global Banks

global banksNowadays, the sovereign and financial debt crises have strongly shaken the global banking industry. Due to the world problems, the global banks went from the period of relative calm and wealth to the indecision that requires certain measures to be taken. As the shock is slowly wearing off and the global industry adapts, some of the most crucial themes are popping up here and there and will most likely affect the models of international banking for the next several decades.

Globalism versus Nationalism: Global Banking Limits

A range of new economic challenges will definitely make a lot of countries adopt some of the approaches of the protectionist trade. This turn will influence the banking ability to enter, as well as exit, markets and constrain various ownership structures and funds repatriation.

State Capitalism or Meet the New Force in the Area of International Banking

Taking into account the fact that the exact architecture of global regulation is still in progress, the involvement of the country in both – everyday operation of the bank industry and its structure – is growing inevitably. In spite of all the barriers that new regulation brings, this shift is going to also develop new business models as the governments with scarce resources welcome solid partnerships with institutions that possess operational and capital skills, and can generate fresh ideas.

Trade Flows: Instability and Opportunity

Since the majority of trade segments take place within regions, international banking will require to accurately leverage the expertise of the most trusted regional partners. Working in accordance with this scheme, the most successful international banks will also be known for the top-notch standards in the nearest future.

More Urban Generation in the World Demographics

It’s a well-known fact that in the nearest future demographics will be the drive force of the banking field. According to the most recent forecasts, global inhabitants are going to surpass eight billion soon – a population that will turn to be ever more elderly. And the new models of banking business will have to serve this aging.

Clients Relationship Will Be More Trusted and Personal 

Customers seem to take more control of the relationships built in the banking business field than ever. And experts say that this trend is going to become more and more popular. For instance, by 2030, the representatives of the business segment will deepen their personal connections with the clients with the help of special data analysis technique that will boost today’s’ standards. Taking a look from the outside we will most likely see the business model for a dingle world bank that is represented like hundreds of small banks with incomparable customer approaches and supreme quality products.

Energy Production to Challenge the Old Order

Various environmental and political factors that are related to the area of energy production, in a combination with the new modern technology, will need brand-new financial products. The latter will definitely take in fundraising and financing support for the grandiose projects in the energy field.

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