20 Tips for a Solid Economic Research Paper

calculator on a tableIf you happen to have troubles when it comes to writing grammatically correct, the very first thing you have to do is to provide yourself with some extra time and go contact your economics research paper instructor. Truly, clarity is the cornerstone in writing on economic research. Below you will find some hot tips on how to deal with economic research project and make it top notch.

Tip №1:

Keep the project as simple as possible. Do not think about your reader as if he or she is nothing but a blurred image in your subconscious. Consider your room- or classmate being the potential reader. Assume he/she has never dealt with the subject before. Would the classmate understand any piece of content you produce?

Tip №2:

To mere mortals, a hilarious anecdote or a graphic metaphor is a better illustration than a whole bunch of the most compelling articles in Econometrics. However…

Tip №3:

If you are faced with the doubt of whether it’s a good idea to include some non-economics material into the research paper, leave it for now. There’s a tendency among students to include too many unnecessary details, rather than too few.

Tip №4:

Remember, overly dramatic verbs and adjectives are a taboo. Don’t ask, just make sure to leave them out.

Tip №5:

The sentences in the economic research paper are short. Does this rule work for your project as well? No? Check it once again to make it monosyllabic.

Tip №6:

The economic research paper filled with repetitions is boring. Cut, cut and make sure to cut once again.

Tip №7:

Point out one central contribution of the project. Discuss it within one paragraph. Just like the whole research paper, it must be precise and concrete. Do not talk pointlessly about how you analyzed the information regarding the economic consequences of the HIV epidemic and found a lot of interesting results. Just say what those results are.

Tip №8:

Your readers value their precious time and most of them are impatient. No reader will ever agree to read the economic research paper from A to Z. They tend to skim. Make sure to make it easy for your target audience to skim.

Tip №9:

The introductive part of the economics research paper should start with what the author does in his project, his major contribution. The very moment you mention that, it’s time to include something hooking about it. This will motivate your readers to go on with whatever you’ve written.

Tip №10:

You have to provide detailed explanation of what your contribution is so that your audience understands the idea. There’s no need to just state it, ensure to give the facts that stand behind it.

Tip №11:

The abstracts of the economic research paper are typically short, about 150 words. Try not to exceed this word limit.

Tip №12:

Feel free to divide your project in two sections, i.e. – experiments and observation.

Tip №13:

The first step is the hardest no matter what the case is. Same happens, when one needs to write the first sentence of the research paper. There is no need to start with the philosophical issues. Economists use the sentences that are both – interesting on their own and related to the subject.

Tip №14:

Are you done with explaining your contribution? Now you can generate a short literature review. Mind that it should be presented in a separate section so that your reader can skip it.

Tip №15:

Depending on the complexity of the paper, making a literature review may include referencing to a single paper or reviewing a great bunch of related literature in a library. Making notes is a must. Then you will have a chance to read them over and organize your review.

Tip №16:

Appendices are awesome. Make sure to take that huge section with tons of comments on the used literature, all those exercises you did and dump them into the appendix.

Tip №17:

Do not make use of the footnotes for parenthetical comments. In case you need those, just provide them in the text. As a rule, parenthetical comments in footnotes mean that the author hasn’t organized his thoughts and ideas.

Tip №18:

Do not use adjectives in order to describe your paper. The word combinations like “highly significant” or “terrific results” are a taboo.

Tip №19:

What are the most significant results that you have? Ensure to briefly explain what you have found in the process of the research and what the main complications of it are.

Tip №20:

You won’t believe but the conclusive part of the economic research paper is not a must-have for the project of this kind. If you did a great job discussing your contribution in the intro, and then explaining that information in the project’s body, it’s considered pointless to repeat it once again.

Use these tips while writing your economic research paper because they are designed specially for you. We hope they’ll help you ace at producing a great essay and your professors will be impressed!

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