20 Up-to-Date Topics for a Research Paper on Economics

linkedInIn a topic area as vast and complicated as Economics, determining a research paper thesis can be stressful. When given an assignment, the best place to start is brainstorming potential topics. Each new idea can open up a world of research and writing that can help inform your Economics paper.

The more popular the topic, the more likely you will be able to find a number of resources to cite in your piece. Moreover, you have to seek out those ‘hot’ topics in Economics that will interest you, your professor, and your peers. Luckily, institutions publish new research on both national and global economies every day. Making your paper relevant to both you and your readership will allow you to make your essay meaningful and impactful.

Your writing may contribute to a growing field of study, opening up new areas of focus and new connections. Brainstorming and discovering the perfect thesis topic will help kickstart your paper.

Here are 20 potential Economics essay topics that reflect modern concerns, with new research, contributed to these areas on a daily basis all over the world.

  1. The Welfare State: A Reevaluation Under New Politics
  2. The Origins and Transformation of Supply and Demand
  3. Keynesian Economic Methods and the Current Economic Crisis
  4. Cost Versus Benefits: An Analysis of Higher Education’s Financial Reality
  5. LGBT Consumers and Market Impacts
  6. Confronting the Scarcity Problem: The Global Economy and Our Needs
  7. The Global Origins and Outcomes of the 2008 Economic Recession
  8. Room for Environmental Protections in a Modern Economy
  9. The Effects of Poor Health on a Local Economy
  10. The European Union’s Approach to the Economic Crisis
  11. The Economic Implications of Global Warming
  12. China as a Global Economic Power: History and Modern Influence
  13. The Ties Between Government and Economic Growth
  14. The Internet’s Impact on the Global Economy: Research and Trends
  15. The Rising Tide of E-Commerce: A New Economic Role
  16. A Place for Renewable Energy in the Modern Economy
  17. Immigration Policy and Links to Economic Growth
  18. The National Minimum Wage: Economic Impact of $15 Minimum Wage
  19. Analyzing Student Loan Debt’s Impact on the Economy
  20. Terrorism’s Links With Economics: The War on Terror and Markets

All these titles are suggestions. If a certain topic area interests you, consider brainstorming a way to make it work that fits with your assignment’s criteria. Due to the topicality of these areas of economic research, a quick search will reveal a number of studies and findings in these topic areas.

Further brainstorming might reveal a niche that has yet to be discussed in more detail. There is also the chance you can make new and insightful connections. There are a lot of ways to be original within the topics listed above. Make your research more specific and tackle an economic problem that has yet to be thoroughly explored in a particular region or field.

If you have difficult times making up a topic as well as constructing an outline, consider stopping at your campus writing center for advice on your next steps.

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