How to Write an Essay in English

Writing essays is an integral part of the education process in various learning institutions. It is a valuable exercise for advancing one’s writing skills and creative thinking. However, it may also become a challenge, in case the writer is not a native English speaker. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of several basic universal techniques that cover how to write an essay in English. At first sight, such type of work may seem to demand extraordinary experience. Nonetheless, it will promote the way to state one’s opinion on the particular subject. Moreover, knowing how to write an essay in English will certainly contribute a lot to the practical usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling .

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There are various topics to be covered when it comes to the essay, therefore, one has either to be an expert in that particular field or, at least, know about the fundamental points to write about in their texts. For that reason, it is preferable to search for an appropriate informational background and make one’s statement clear and thought-through.

What is vital in terms of the actual writing process, is planning the essay structure. A classic essay has to contain at least 4-5 main paragraphs, which all serve for the certain reasons.

  • Introduction is the first text unit, which may actually provide the reader with a valuable background. Numerous writers advice to start the whole introduction paragraph with an intriguing sentence to get the reader involved. After the first extract there should be a statement – often it might be the essay title, which would voice the main concern, raise the question to debate, or introduce the subject to describe.
  • Main body is certainly considered to be the most informative and meaningful part of the entire text. Its two-three paragraphs develop the bullet aspects of the statement. Occasionally, one fact/reason/argument occurs to become a separate unit with an example provided.
  • Conclusion is the final part, which summarizes the information above and brings up the general conclusions to support the thesis. The conclusion has to be as strong as the introduction to balance the essay components.

The most dreadful part of writing in the foreign language would be easily fixed by having credible language sources, such as dictionary and thesaurus – they happen to become extremely effective solutions to use the thematic vocabulary or vocabulary of a particular language level.

What is particular about writing the essay in particularly English, is its word structure: several core prefixes and suffixes will ease up the building of collocations. One more aspect is the exceptional punctuation. The rules are not that complicated, though they require the basic language understanding to be applied in the text. Moreover, considering the regular informal ways of communication, it is indispensable to double-check the spelling in one English version (British or American) and reduce of the usual contractions. Furthermore, using the strong words will contribute a lot to the general look of one’s composition, as those seem to be more powerful tools of writing.

Writing essays in English is all about using the standard structure pattern in the combination with the appropriate lexicon. Some guidelines and tips will become a great help for both the advanced and dilettante writer: it is the way to put one’s writing talent on the new level.

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