8 Reasons Why You Should Study Economics

designer at workEconomics is a live subject with tangible every day impact. Newspapers, magazines news agencies write tons of articles about current, past and potential future economic situation. Economics seems to have conquered thoughts of the modern world. Why study economics? Despite the fact that there are not many top notch professionals in economics, people still have great interest in the subject. And it is no surprise. Even basic understanding of how things work in economy gives us great advantages. And here are eight reasons why you should study economics.

  1. First of all, it is the importance of the subject. It is everywhere. In grocery stores, in drug stores, in cinemas, petrol stations. It is literally everywhere. Each time you spend or get money you become involved into a fascinating process of the economy. All countries are built and work upon it. Even that single fact is valid enough to start studying it at a university.
  2. Combined courses. When people enter universities they usually take one certain course to get the hang of it, while economics gives you vast range of options. You can combine your studying with almost any other subjects such as linguistics, law or any other topic you are interested in. For instance you have combined it with linguistics. Three years of studying for bachelor’s degree give you an opportunity to master at least one foreign language quite well. After all you can even become a specialized translator, if you job demands it. Knowing several languages opens you many additional opportunities as working for international of foreign companies, which otherwise would be impossible. Combining economics with law studying is quite popular as well. The bare fact of being proficient in two major everyday life spheres makes you quite a desirable worker.
  3. One of the most important things that attract young people to start their economics studying is that graduates have one of the highest rates of finding a job within six months after graduation.
  4. Independence. It is common knowledge that economics students devote great amount of time to independent study. Having experience in self-studying really prepares one for real life, where you are to take responsibility.
  5. It is lucrative. Being an economic forecaster or any other related specialist you may profit a lot. Economics graduates are among the top lucrative professions with about £42,000 earned in ten years after graduation.
  6. Flexibility. Economics has a very broad application base. Graduates can easily find jobs in civil services, industries or education. It becomes even more flexible when you take additional courses.
  7. Personal understanding. It was already mentioned above that economics surrounds us, in every aspect of our lives. So it seems to be of significant importance to see, but even more to understand how it works. The purpose behind taxes, how monetary exchanges work etc.
  8. It’s a good start. It provides the opportunity not to get a job, but to build a real career instead. Economics graduates are usually educated people who have gone through development of their analytical and critical thinking skills. It makes you an investigator and researcher. You can use your knowledge in different spheres. You can be an advisor, a forecaster etc.

So, why study economics? There you have it. That list can go on and on. The opportunities of studying economics are pretty obvious. The more you know the more wanted you are, especially if it comes to such vital knowledge.

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