Economic Growth of China Hits Six-Year Low

The economic growth of China slumped to a 6-year low after retail sales and manufacturing itself cooled at the beginning of the year, stepping up pressure for Beijing to stay on track as the second largest economy of the globe. It’s recorded that the economic growth went down to 7% from the previous quarter. Since the world’s financial crisis in 2009, when the growth reached the 6.1%, that is the weakest performance. It is important to mention that much of that decline has been self-imposed – Chinese communist leaders try to push the country to amore sustainable economic growth, which will be driven by domestic consumption. However, an unexpected downturn that has been observed during the last year has also caused fears of social tensions and job losses.

Economists say that China’s economy is getting slower at the rate that the government representatives find uncomfortable. Since November the interest rates have been cut twice by Beijing, who also launched a range of special measures in order to help not only exporters, but also the other industries.  However, the economists claimed that the country still depends on the spending of the state-led construction as well as the other investment for almost a half its economic expansion. Sheng Laiyun, who takes the spokesman position for the National Bureau of Statistics, says that the country is still relying on the traditional economic growth engine. In other words, China is in a so-called transition between the new and the old models of growth.

China’s top economic leader, Premier Li Keqiang, warned that the country is faced right now with the increased “downward pressure”.

Li told economists that the country is in need of a range of regulatory changes in order to improve efficiency, nurture new industries as well as provide new jobs. Chinese leaders state that their priority nowadays is to make China’s economy more productive and efficient. However, unpredictably weak construction and trade – industries that support a great number of jobs – have prompted expectations Beijing will cut interest rates once again in order to support growth.

Back to the beginning of the year, the very first quarter is considered the weakest for the country since the world’s financial crisis, when growth went down to the point of 6.1% in 2009.

According to the government spokesman, it is not clear what share of China’s economic growth derived from investments and how much from consumptions. But Sheng also said it should be close to the previous data, when the contribution of consumption to the country’s economic growth reached about half for the very first time, rising to 51.2%.

The most recent data showed that the representatives of the International Monetary Fund cut the Fund’s outlook for the country to 6.8% from 7.1%. Soon after the World Bank trimmed its forecast for the country’s growth to 7% this year from 7.1%.

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Essay Topics on Economic History

time and historyEconomic history is a vast and complicated discipline; and it is only natural that when you get an opportunity to choose a topic to write an essay on you may feel overwhelmed. It is a common misconception that freedom of choice makes such job easier; it doesn’t. It certainly makes the things much more interesting, but there is something deeply comforting about having a topic defined for you.

When choosing a topic for your essay, you can make use of the dubious nature of the discipline itself. After all, neither historians nor economists have a very clear idea of what, when all is said and done, economic history is (at least they tend to offer extensive explanations with numerous minute details, contradicting and opposing each other more often than not). What is economic history? The study of how economies performed in the past? The study of economic aspects of past societies? The history of the ways resources, labor and capital tended to be used? Take your pick, research the matter, offer your own opinion – write an essay.

Or you may take a diametrically opposite approach, and instead of generalizing your topic narrow it down as much as possible. Take some historical event or phenomenon and study in which ways it influenced local and global economy. Let’s for example, take slavery in America – it alone offers dozens of possible takes and approaches. What were the economic reasons for slavery? In what ways did the influx of African slaves impact American economy? How did the resulting Atlantic triangular trade influence the global economy? What lead to the abolition of slavery – purely altruistic motives or was it based on changing economic situation? What were the economic results of abolition of slavery? It is just a tip of just one iceberg, showing that virtually anything in history is at least partially caused by economic reasons or has long-lasting economic implications.

Another approach worth mentioning is a study of the history of a particular phenomenon throughout the entirety of its existence. For example, child labor in industrial era – you may study the economic reasons for its emergence, in what forms it existed, when and why it was prohibited.

For those who like to analyze and draw conclusions there is always the parallel approach – study an event or phenomenon in economic history and draw parallels with something that happens in the world now. For example, if you don’t shy away from controversial topics, you may compare modern war on drugs with Prohibition and its results. Both of them set the goal of eliminating or at least curtailing some kind of activity, and both seem to show little to no intended effect, instead creating fertile ground for criminal organizations – perhaps some conclusions are in order?

The fact that economic history is grounded in the past opens up an enormous venue for research, experimentation and creativity (however weird the word ‘creativity’ may sound in the same sentence with ‘economic history’). Just try to avoid the most commonplace and trite topics that spring to mind, and you will find what you need.

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How to Write Economic Crisis Essay: 10 Easy Steps!

In this article we offer 10 easy steps developed for easy writing economics essays. These tips will help you to learn that writing economics essays can be quite simple and even fun!

  1. Research.  First of all you have to conduct a thorough research on your topic in order to become an expert in your chosen field. Use an Internet connection, academic journals and books, visit the local library.
  2. Analysis. When you feel like you have a solid knowledge base, you have to analyze information you have gathered. Clearly develop the claims, write down the reasons and the evidence. Make sure you notes have logic.
  3. Braintorming. Ask yourself a bunch of questions related to the topic and provide an answer for them. Take a walk in a park and ponder over the topic you have chosen until you feel like an original idea has come up to your mind. Essay global economic crisis may seem quite a broad issue but the point is that every broad issue consists of the smaller ones you may notice all around.
  4. Thesis Statement. Take the best idea and arrange it into a clear statement so that the whole essay could be based on it. This is the main point of your work, which is sunned up in an understandable sentence. By means of the thesis statement your reader will be aware of where you are going and why. Remember, you will never generate a  top quality essay without a clear thesis statement especially if you’re going to take part in prestigious economics essay contest.
  5. Outline. Develop an outline before the essay writing. You may use sentences that include only one line to describe the essay paragraphs. Structure your essay to make sure every paragraph is unified.
  6. Introduction. Now it’s time to sit down and start working on the essay. In the introduction section you’ve an opportunity to hook your reader’s attention . The intro is the way you can bring your audience into the world of your project.
  7. The Body. If you use a standard 5-paragraph essay structure you may include 3 paragraphs. Every paragraph should be focused on one separate idea that serves as a supporting for your thesis. For instance, if you are writing an essay global economic crisis you may devote each paragraph to one single reason. Support what you write with solid evidence, facts and examples. Imagine that your reader is sitting right in front of you and speak to him as if he’s near you.
  8. Conclusion. Make a short wrap-up sentence to summarize the whole paper. You may end your essay on some interesting quotation or memorable thought. If you would like your reader to ponder over the global economics problems let him know what points he should pay his attention to.
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Tips on How to Proofread Economics Essay Writing the Easy Way

Usually it takes a lot of time to research the topic you are assigned with and put all your thoughts into logical order on the paper. Unfortunately, students forget that economics essay proofreading is not less important that the creation of it. To proofread economics essay writing properly, you have to devote much time for this task in order to get rid of all the mistakes that may occur in your paper. This article will teach you how to proofread economics essay writing in a proper manner.

When you begin to proofread economics essay writing, it is recommended to at first re-read your essay and then to highlight any errors you will find in it. Then you should go back to the beginning of the work and correct all the errors you have marked out.

Read economics essay one more time out loud to find out any mistakes in the writing style or words usage. Mark the places that should be corrected while reading. When you read the paper it is recommended to imagine like some intelligent person (professor or politician) is reading your paper and make sure the words you have chosen sound like you speak proper English. Ask your group mate or some friend who have good knowledge to read your paper. If you have someone to rely upon – proceed to the next paragraph. If there’s no one to help you, read paragraph # 5.

Provide your friend (professor, tutor etc.) with the copy of your economics essay so that he could read it and mark all the errors he detects. Thus, you will be able to fix them and rewrite. Retype your paper after the proofreading process is over.

Re-read the paper one more time but this time read it slowly and out loud. Thus, your ears will be able to catch the errors you couldn’t see. Don’t forget about proper English when you read the paper. Make sure you have paid due attention to the spelling errors and your paper is not overburden with unknown economics terms left without proper explanation.

Economics essay proofreading should be done several times. Only in such case your economics essay will be ready for the submission.

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Tips for a good economic essay

Economics essays are one of the specific essay types which require special skill in the author to show up while the essay is being written. Importance of writing economics essays is not only limited to the desire for getting a good grade as it also sparks one’s thinking and analyzing power. With the growth of complications in the present world understanding economics has become a crucial part and through a good custom economics essay one can display his skills and forward them to the world around him.

Economics is a branch of social science meant to create a balance between the production, distribution and consumption levels in the world we live. Besides consumption and production, managing goods and their services are also a part of economics.

In order to produce a well reflected essay one should be aware of economics essay writing tips and features. Well discussed economics essay topics are always appreciated. Economics essay ideas are well scattered in our lives and all we need to is to gather them and choose the one which best suits our needs. Probing the history of the world might help with a good topic for economics essay. For example, correlating various factors with present economy can prove to be a good idea to start with an essay. Great depression, cold war and its effects on world’s economy are some other topics.

A well written custom economics essay must fulfill the requirements of proper formatting and editing. Economics essays follow a usual essay format but with specific motive which creates a different impression on the reader. If required, it is better to search for economics essay editing help online. Once the essay is completed it must be thoroughly proofread or instead it can be send to essay formatting service online to look for writing flaws.

We provide economics essay writing help along with rewriting, formatting and proofreading through our professional writers. If you need assistance, just contact us.

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Eye-Catchy Ideas for Economics Essay Topics

Economics is the area of social science. This science deals with the services and goods consumption and distribution. Usually a lot of students find this subject very tiresome and boring especially in the moments when they have to work on the economics essays. They become puzzled over how to write it and what topics for economics essays to choose.

When teachers would like to check what kind of knowledge their students have they assign economics essays. Sometimes they provide students with the economics essay topics but the point is that sometimes students need to pick the topic on their own and that becomes quit confusing. Students have no idea what topic the audience can find interesting and which one won’t catch their attention. That is why we have decided to create a small list of the eye-catchy and interesting topics to make the process of choosing the economics essay paper topic easier and most interesting.

  • Financial market & corporate governance relationship
  • Economic development phases
  • The main requirements of the economical development of a nation
  • Unites States of America economic performance assessing
  • The management of bank liquidity
  • How does inflation influence the economy of the United States of America?
  • World oil prices upheavals main causes
  • Inflation synthesis & survey
  • Inflation types
  • Essay on economic crisis

Remember, the economics essay topics you choose will define the main essay theme. All you need to remember while choosing the topics for economics essays is that it should be interesting for you. Don’t forget to ask your teacher for permission because he/she will tell you if there’s something goes wrong. Be creative and ground-breaking in your topic and you’ll get 100% success!

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How to Spot the Best Economics Essay Topics

Economics stands on the verge of exact sciences – on the one hand, most principles according to which economics works have already been established, on the other hand – there are numerous schools of thought, and each of them believes to hold the only truth about how the world should function. For a student it means that there are a lot of economics essay topics lying around. Here you’ll find a number of suggestions that may come in handy.

Adam Smith and his “Wealth of Nations”. This economics essay topic is a kind of classical one. Adam Smith’s famous work has been written more than 200 years ago and, as a matter of fact, served as the starting point of the economics as science. Why is it so important still? Why so old a text hasn’t lost its actuality till now? What can we learn from it?

Supply and demand – one can think about numerous essay topics in economics dealing with this one: what is supply and demand? Distortion of supply and demand in communist society. Supply and demand in natural economy and so on.

A large subgroup of economics essay topics is the ones that are connected with particular people who influenced the development of this science to this or that extent, not necessarily economists. The essay may be dedicated to a single person, or a group of them, or a certain school of economics thought (Mises, Keynes, Austrian School etc.)

Often essay topics on economics deal with description and comparison of different social orders and the way economics function in them. You may write on the development of modern capitalism, communist social and economic experiments, laissez-faire capitalism and its advantages and disadvantages and so on.

As you may see, it all lies on the surface – you only have to stretch your hand and take it.

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